Massimo Stronati has been working in the interior design and furnishing for over 30 years. He represents among the most important companies in the industry developing long term partnership to assure to his customers the best selection of top quality of product and solutions.
He has delivered important projects Offices, Hotels, Restaurant, and residential clients.
He has leveraged his expertise and deep knowledge to match the challenging requests of prestigious clients in services, Publishing, Industrial and Banking sectors.
He has developed a deep understanding of market, trends, companies and organizations, he is able to support highest level professionals across all stages of complex or simple projects.
He has managed also important projects abroad. He has recently delivered important projects in Dubai where he has launched an international partnership with important local players.
Among the most significant project abroad Massimo has managed the offices of Marlin in Dubai and the Presidency office of Ucraine at Kiev.

Some of his relevant projects in Italy have been delivered for the following organizations across different sectors: La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere dello Sport, Oracle, British Council, Sorain Cecchini Tecno, Terna, Metlife e several branches of Banca Popolare di Sondrio. In other Italian cities: the head quarter of AC Milan e Vittoria Assicurazioni in Milan, Università Sophia in Figline Valdarno, Stante Ecotrans at Caderago and Pomezia, Telelia at Marcianise, Reggio Calabria, Cagliari e Benevento.
In the HoReCa sector he has managed projects for the Restaurants Le Vele e Mamma Mia in Roma e the Hotels Cacciani in Frascati e Duke in Roma.

Massimo's activity and experience sinks his roots into the tradition of his family that has worked in the sector for three generations.
His grandfather Angelo was a master wood craftsman well known for his focus on quality and detail. He transferred to his son Franco the passion for furniture and interior design. Franco took on many important agencies representing many important Italian producers of premium brand furniture.
Massimo began to work with his father Franco in the mid-eighties, and after few years launched his own agency starting to represent other important brands. Since then his business has developed significantly expanding breadth and depth of relationships and range of products and services provides.